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Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Program Workshop Info 2016

After many years of teaching Organ Cleansing Qigong (OCQ), also known at Zhang Fu Gong, around the world - and seeing that over 100,000 of these DVDs have been purchased to date, Daisy and Francesco have been listening to requests and selectively offer an Instructor Certification Program for this effective and healing form of Qigong in select locations around the world. Only 120 Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructors have been Certified to date and they all have met the prerequisites required to attend.

It is a Certification that has depth and meaning as we have put a lot into what it entails.  The class outline is five pages long and complete certification includes a three-month follow-through that requires weekly updates, online continued training and assessment via the unique QigongTracker software. 

Since 2011, only seven Certification Workshops have been offered.  These have been in Northern Virginia (2x); Greenfield Park, New York; Louisville, Colorado; Kaua'i, Hawaii; Łódź, Poland.

We also want to support certified instructors and help promote them so that students who learn from them will be ensured the highest quality training. 
So many Qigong instructors have asked us to be able to add the Organ Cleansing Qigong (also known as Zhang Fu Gong or Organ Cleansing and Strengthening Detox Qigong) into their repertoire so this certification program will be the step to making that happen. 
It is also be a course for those who are not yet instructors or think they have no interest in teaching :)) as it will take you deeper into your personal Qigong practice. We have a discounted price for those who wish to addend on this non-Certificatin basis. 

This 4-day intensive is the first and only official Certification Program that has been offered for instructors of the Organ Cleansing Qigong form (Zhang Fu Gong), also known by the DVDs titled “Qigong for Cleansing” or “Qigong for Detox”. The Certification Program runs from early Friday through end of day Sunday. The intention for offering this teacher Certification Program is to truly empower instructors who wish to share this effective Qigong form with others. You should consider applying if:

1) You already teach Qigong and would like to add Organ Cleansing and Detox Qigong to your toolkit… and/or

2) You teach an energy-based movement modality such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates, etc. and would like to include Qigong in your offerings… and/or

3) You have already attended classes, study trips or workshops with Francesco or Daisy and have proficiency in the ‘Qigong for Cleansing’ form…

Note:  We will also take into consideration your time studying with our DVDs if you have a strong background in teaching. Those who would like to join this program for self-healing and personal growth with no present intention to teach may also apply, but you will not receive an Instructor’s Certificate, though a “Certificate of Completion” will be given for your attendance.  This allows individuals who have diligently practiced this form to join and receive benefits without having to pass the oral and written exam and the demonstration in front of the group as well as participate in the six-month Weekly Online Assessment, which is required for the Instructor’s Certification.

Our intention is to guide you on a journey that opens your heart, supports self-awareness and draws out your unique teaching abilities. We will focus on Organ Cleansing & Detox Qigong as an experiential form of self-healing and personal empowerment that you can share with others… and as a Certified Instructor, we will work with you to promote your classes and growth.

Besides the immersion workshop setting over a long, four-day weekend, it will also include a 90-day follow-through online training that you may find very helpful and empowering. 

The 2016 Certification Workshop date is May 19 - 22 in Fairfield, CT USA

If you are interested in being accepted into this exciting certification course, please click here.

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